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About The Concept

This concept is all about a unique business model of Direct Selling Industry.

Specifically, it represents a company i..e. Otlarlife Pvt. Ltd, a Chandigarh based company (a wing of mother Company Vedage Group).

With this concept, any person form India who is 18 years and above, can register with this company as an Independent Distributor and start earning as per company's Business Plan.

We, distributors of Team Sankalp, organise online orientation programme about the concept on weekly basis. 

A recording of same is available here.

You can go through it.

About Us

We are the fastest growing team of Otlarlie Pvt. Ltd. 

We are called as "Team Sankalp".

This team has been founded on September 2019.

The tag of Fastest King Striker from Otlar goest to Team Sankalp.

The tag of Fastest Crown King goes to Team Sankalp.

The tag of Fastest Lakhpati goes to Team Sankalp.

The tag of Fastest Millionaire goes to Team Sankalp.

We are the only team of Otlarlife which has its own Planbook, Workbook, Website and Android app for doing business and produce better results.


Er Neelesh Pathak | Crown King

Sharfraz Alam | Crown King

About OtlarLife

Otlar (a Turkish word means "the fresh green coloured lush herbs") is an Indian company specialized in Direct Selling of Health, Beauty & FMCG Products, having a young energetic dynamic team with keen enthusiasm and desire to learn and grow.

Otlarlife Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2015 by a very creative, thoughtful and professional personality Dr. Ram Sharma (Phd in Herbal Products). In very short span of time, Otlar has become a leading company in world of Direct Selling Industry because of its impressive product quality, marketing plan, sustainable management system and services.

Otlarlife Pvt. Ltd. is driven by dedicated and experienced professionals and aims to provide their customers full value for money with buy-back satisfaction guarantee. 

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